Reverse osmosis compact unit front and back

Compact reverse osmosis unit - ready for use!

Our series of compact units type CU:RO consists of complete reverse osmosis system together with pretreatment on the same stainless steel skid – ready for use. The system produces high purity water, removing up to 90% of the organic substances and retain 98-99% of the salt in the water.

Advantages of compact reverse osmosis system



Complete solution with back-flow prevention, softener, mechanical prefilter, dry-run protection, conductivity measuring and control system.


Easy installation

Frame mounting with factory built internal piping and wiring ensures easy and safe installation.



The compact reverse osmosis unit is a space-saving solution making it easy to fit in an existing production facility.    


Pretreatment ensures a reliable operation

Proper pretreatment of the feedwater to a reverse osmosis system is an essential factor for unproblematic, long-term operation. Clogging of the membranes by suspended solids, scale-forming minerals, and other impurities have to be prevented by appropriate measures. With a compact reverse osmosis unit pretreatment is a standard feature.

Pretreatment options for the compact reverse osmosis unit


Softening plant

Single operation


Softening plant

Parallel operation or duplex softening


Clearex plant

Parallel operation with combined filling for softening and removal of free chlorine

Integrated control system 

The compact reverse osmosis unit is equipped with a SE30 control system integrating an operator panel and a programmable logic controller (PLC). The operator panel is accessible on the front side of the unit together with flow meters, manometers and conductivity measurements with temperature compensation and output signal 4-20 mA.

The menu structure is standardized and available in several languages for easy and quick access to operating data and parameter settings. The control cabinet is power supply with main switch and motor protection for RO pump. An integrated control system for at safe and reliable operation. 

SE30 control system for compact RO


Demineralized water for high-end audio products

To support a growing demand of modern aluminum cabinets, the customer has implemented a new anodizing surface treatment line. For this purpose, demineralized rinse water is provided by a CU:RO from EUROWATER.

Read more about the installation

Compact RO for electronics industry

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