Activated carbon filter for removal of pesticides

Activated carbon filter

Carbon filtration has great capabilities in industry, breweries, waterworks, and wastewater treatment. Activated carbon filters are used in water treatment to remove:

  • Organic matter
  • Pesticides 
  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • Hydro-carbons
  • Phenols 
  • Chlorine
  • Chlorinated compounds 
  • Taste and odour

Common application of activated carbon filter

Removal of chlorine

Whether free chlorine, chloramine or chlorine dioxide is added to the water, it can be removed in an activated carbon filter before the water is used for process or drinking water purposes. Chlorine can cause damage to membranes and removal of chlorine is therefore essential to protect the reverse osmosis demineralization plant. 



Removal of pesticides

Virtually all types of organic matter, including the vast majority of pesticides, solvents and PFAS, can be removed by active carbon adsorption. The different substances have different adsorption capacity, and a good result therefore depends on the correct sizing and choice of carbon for the specified task.


Removal of taste and odour

Activated carbon filters efficiently remove bad taste and odour from the drinking water. Colour in drinking water can also be absorbed by activated carbon.    


Carbon is not just carbon

Activated carbon is a natural product made of organic coal, wood or coconut shells and is available as granulate, pellets and powder. The capacity of activated carbon is extremely large because of the extensive surface within the internal structure of the pores. This area can grow into a size of 2000 square meters or more per gram of activated carbon. The choice of activated carbon depends on application and requirements within the industry. EUROWATER has extensive experience in this area and is ready to guide you.   


Carbon granular

Product overview

Our product range comprises a wide number of standard plants, all engineered and manufactured in-house. The starting point is our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time. Each solution can be customized and built according to the specific application by adapting the choice of material, instrumentation, and control system - based on our combined know-how.

Plant design
The product range comprises filters of many different sizes and materials. All carbon filters can have automatic backwash. Carbon filters are also available in stainless steel with CIP (Cleaning In Place) for disinfection.

Both backwash and quality rinse can be individually programmed by predetermined hours controls. The filter tanks are corrosion resistent made of steel and are coated with PPA.  


Contact your local sales and service office for more information, data sheets or instructions. 

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Activated carbon filter from Eurowater type ACM

Flow rate up to 2.2 m3/h

Type ACM has a synthetic valve which controls all functions during rinse.

Activated carbon filter from Eurowater type ACH

Flow rate up to 7.4 m3/h

Type ACH has individual membrane valves with pilot control.


Hygenic design in stainless steel

Activated carbon filters are available in stainless steel for a more hygenic design. Carbon filters of stainless steel are suitable for hot water sanitation or different types of activated carbon. The photo shows carbon filters of stainless steel removing pesticides from groundwater at a Danish food company.

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Remediation of polluted water

Contaminated areas are a potential problem for the groundwater and for our future drinking water. Remediation of contaminated areas often includes dealing with contaminated water. EUROWATER has experience with mobile filtration plants for temporary remediation. 

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Mobile water treatment plant for filtration of groundwater

Protect the activated carbon filter with prefiltration 

All water supplies contain organic matters which use the capacity of the carbon through direct adsorption or fouling of the carbon. Backwash of the activated carbon filter is only recommended if the pressure drops.

To obtain the capacity of the activated carbon, prefilters such as bag filters, pressure filters, and sand filters can be a good solution. 

See bag filters

Bag filters for prefiltration

Green technology removes pesticides

Pesticides in ground water is an increasing problem. MEM2BIO is a pilot project where researchers will develop a green technology for cleaning contaminated drinking water. The project of MEM2BIO is a collaboration between different institutions, companies, and waterworks. EUROWATER has designed the pilot water treatment plant.   

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MEM2BIO trailer

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