EUREX mixed-bed unit on-site


EUREX is a mixed-bed unit consisting of a mix of cation and anion exchange resin. When passing through the ion exchange material, the dissolved salts of the water are exchanged with hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions, which combine to form water. 

We handle the regeneration
The regeneration is handled at the EUROWATER factory. This way you avoid storage and handling of chemicals. The vessel is sent for regeneration, when the capacity is exhausted, and replaced by a new vessel with recharged ion exchangers - and you are good to go. 

EUREX can be used for polishing of demineralized water to attain a low conductivity. EUREX is also used as backup after EDI in case of operating failure. 

Why choose a EUREX system

Compact and space-saving design


Limit environmental impact with no regenerant wastewater discharge


No chemical handlig for the safety of personnel 


Enhanced capacity due to improved regeneration


Easy regeneration

When the conductivity is too high for the application, or the ion exchangers are exhausted, the EUREX must be replaced in a few easy steps: 

  1. Empty the vessel for water
  2. Return the exhausted vessel to your local EUROWATER department for regeneration
  3. Insert a new regenerated vessel
  4. Open valves and get access to demineralized water

A strong transport frame ensures easy handling when the EUREX is replaced. To ensure a continuous supply of demineralized water, we recommend having an extra EUREX as backup.

Regeneration of EUREX

Product overview

The EUREX system consists of the series EUREX and EUREX-H. Please contact us for further information about the individual modules.  

Download leaflet on EUREX to read more about the vessel system and options.

Download leaflet




Max. flow rate:from 700 up to 4000 l/hour
Operating pressure:6 bar
Conductivity measurering:0-20 μS/cm
Capacity:  from 37,800 up to
756,000 l °GH
Transport weight:70-925 kg.



Max. flow rate:from 2700 up to 14,000 l/hour
Operating pressure:6 bar
Conductivity measurering:0-20 μS/cm
Capacity:  from 145,800 up to
756,000 l °GH
Transport weight:200-925 kg.



Operating unit for easy operation

Connections: DN 25/32 mm

The operating unit consists of a PVC valve system and a conductivity meter that continuously measures the conductivity. The unit is easy to install, and the valve system facilitates connection/disconnection of vessel. 

Operating unit for EUREX mixed-bed

Backup after EDI

At a Heat & Power Plant the required water quality is crucial to obtain operation reliability. EUREX is a part of the water treatment solution as a backup to EDI.   

Should a power failure hit the EDI, the EUREX unit is activated and ensures that the issue does not affect the water quality. 

Polishing of demineralized water

EUREX can be used for polishing of demineralized water to get a low conductivity. The picture shows a EUREX used for polishing at a chemical company. The water quality is a key factor for the final product quality. 

Get high quality demineralized water 

EUREX provide you with high quality demineralized water - and we handle the regeneration. Our experienced team of sales and service engineers are ready to get you started.