SILEX installation

SILEX with cartridge

With SILEX you have unlimited access to demineralized water of high quality - and you avoid purchase, handling and disposal of plastic bottles with water.

This SILEX unit contains a cartridge with ion exchangers. Demineralized water is produced when water passes through the cartridge. When the capacity of the cartridge is exhausted, the cartridge is sent for regeneration.

We handle the regeneration
The regeneration is handled at the EUROWATER factory. This way you avoid storage and handling of chemicals. You only have to exchange the cartridge for a new with recharged ion exchangers and you are good to go. 

The SILEX unit is able to supply up to five litres of demineralized water per minute. The capacity depends on the quality of the inlet water. At an inlet water total dissolved solids of for example 15 °dH, the capacity is 360 litres. Should you need higher flow rates or greater capacity, we are also able to offer you this. 


Why choose a SILEX with cartridge

Compact and space-saving design


Eco-friendly solution by reducing purchase of demineralized water in bottles


No chemical handling for the safety of personnel 


Enhanced capacity due to improved regeneration


Easy regeneration

When the conductivity is too high for the application, or the ion exchangers are exhausted, the cartridge must be replaced in a few easy steps:

  1. Close the valves and remove the exhausted cartridge from the unit
  2. Return the exhausted cartridge to your local EUROWATER department for regeneration
  3. Insert a new cartridge
  4. Open valves and get access to demineralized water

See detailed guide on replacing SILEX cartridge

To ensure a continuous supply of demineralized water, we recommend having an extra cartridge as backup. 

Regeneration of SILEX with cartridge

How to replace the SILEX cartridge

See our guide on how to remove the cartridge from SILEX 1 C and 2 B in few easy steps. 

See guide

Product overview

SILEX with cartridge system consist of two units. 



Max. flow rate:2 l/min
Cartridge capacity:540 l at 10 °GH
Conductivity:<0.2 μS/cm
Transport weight:5 kg.
Inlet / outlet connection:1/2" hose
Measurement:Diameter: 23 cm
Height: 87 cm

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Max. flow rate:5 l/min
Cartridge capacity:1900 l at 10 °GH
Conductivity:<0.2 μS/cm
Transport weight:20 kg.
Inlet / outlet connection:1/2" BSP
Measurement:Diameter: 30 cm
Height: 92 cm

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Produce your own battery water

Batteries on electric trucks must be refilled regularly with water. It is important that the water is demineralized to optimize both capacity and battery life.

Download info on battery water

Get high quality water for tests

Demineralized water is a necessary tool for laboratory applications and testing. The water is almost free of all dissolved minerals and the conductivity can be less than 0.2 µS/cm. 

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Demineralized water for schools

When teaching chemistry, many experiments involve using demineralized water. SILEX gives easy access to demineralized water - without chemical handling by the personnel.   

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Get easy access to demineralized water 

Provide your own demineralized water and let us handle the regeneration. Our experienced team of sales and service engineers are ready to get you started.