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High quality water for a safe result

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies require high-purity water to ensure patient safety, protect equipment and maintain a reliable operation. The optimum choice of water treatment solution is tailored to assure the right amount of water at the right quality - and at the same time save water and energy.   

10,000 m3 water saved per year

Odense University Hospital (OUH) in Denmark has a centralized water treatment system. The system is optimized for high water utilization and saves more than 10.000 m3 water per year.

The illustration shows the flow of the water treatment system. Download one-pager for more details on the system. 

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Double pass reverse osmosis - a hygienic barrier

To obtain patient safety and keep a reliable operation, the water quality plays a key role to the central sterile supply department (CSSD) at a hospital. Bad water quality can jeopardies this. 

At the regional hospital in Viborg, Denmark two independent double-pass reverse osmosis (DPRO) units secure the production of demineralized water in the CSSD. DPRO function as a hygienic barrier in case of breakdown or when preventive maintenance is needed.

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A complete solution on one frame

For large water consumption a complete water treatment solution mounted on one frame can be an easy and space-saving solution.

One of the largest hospitals in Denmark choose a turnkey frame-mounted solution. The solution comprises softening unit, reverse osmosis unit, UV-disinfection unit and PLC control connected to the hospital’s BMS.

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Demineralized water without chemical handling

Get high-purity demineralized water and let us handle the regeneration for you. This is the concept behind SILEX - and exchange system for labs with modest water consumption.  

The concept is developed with focus on easy operation and off-site regeneration and is an economic alternative to buying demineralized bottled water.

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Laboratory water

For labs the choice of water treatment equipment depends on the pharmaceutical requirements as well as on validation and documentation. Most often, the water quality parameters are desired conductivity (µS/cm), contents of organic matter, and contents of microorganisms.

The picture shows a water treatment solution for a forensic laboratory. High quality water is required for analyzing biopsies to get a 100 % reliable test result. 

Classification of water for laboratories

supported by EUROWATER

Water for analyses and tests

ASTM type 1

- Analyses
- Pilot and upscaling projects
- Culture media for mammalian cell culture

Specific laboratory use

ASTM type 2

- Dish washers
- Clinical analyzers
- Cell culture incubators
- Weathering test chambers

General purpose water

ASTM type 3

- Glass washing 
- Dish washers
- Analyses
- Feeding autoclaves


Sanitary design for dialysis application

This pure water is being used to prepare the dialysate needed for hemodialysis. The demineralized water needs to be of a high purity, not only chemically, but also biologically. The water treatment plant is hot water sanitizable.

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Pharmaceutical double pass RO for dialysis application

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