Demineralized water without chemical handling

SILEX and EUREX plants can produce high-quality demineralized water with a conductivity of less than 0.2 µS/cm - and you do not have to worry about the resin regeneration. We handle that for you! 

By producing your own demineralized water out of tap water, you make a green choice by eliminating the purchase of bottles with demineralized water.


The benefits of off-site regeneration

No chemical handling

We handle the regeneration which eliminates storage and handling of chemicals for the safety of your personnel.


Space-saving solution

With off-site regeneration, you avoid storage of chemicals and regeneration facilities.


Enhanced resin capacity 

Off-site regeneration facility allows for improved resin separation and quality control of the process compared with on-site equipment and handling. 


Low environmental impact

Limited environmental impact due to wastewater discharge.


We handle the regeneration for you

Regeneration takes place at our EUROWATER factory. When the capacity is exhausted, the cartridge or tank is sent for regeneration. We regenerate the unit and return it to you - ready for use! Depending on the choice of system, the following is sent for regeneration:

  • SILEX with cartridge. The cartridge is removed and sent for regeneration. 
  • SILEX with vessel. The vessel is sent for regeneration.
  • EUREX. The filter vessel, on transport frame, is sent for regeneration. 

To ensure a continuous supply of demineralized water, we recommend having an extra cartridge or vessel as backup. 

Illustration of easy regeneration with mixed-bed units SILEX and EUREX

Quality control

Every regeneration undergoes a quality control to make sure you get demineralized water of highest quality:

  • Each batch is tested individually to ensure high quality of the regeneration
  • Each regeneration is logged and documented
  • A batch number is applied on the SILEX/EUREX unit for backward traceability 

Which mixed bed is right for you?

SILEX is often used by schools, laboratories, dentists, doctors and in warehouses for supply of water for truck batteries. EUREX is often used in industrial applications for polishing of demineralized water or as backup after EDI.

Get easy access to demineralized water 

Provide your own demineralized water and let us handle the regeneration. Our experienced team of sales and service engineers are ready to get you started. Fill in the form and let us get back to you.

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