Membrane filtration 

Membrane filtration is a pressure driven separation method that works without the use of chemicals. Membrane filtration can produce high-quality demineralized water or partially softened water free from particles and microorganisms. 

Water treated by Membrane filtration is typically used as process water, boiler water, district heating water, cooling water, rinse water, laboratory water or drinking water.  

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Nanofiltration or reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the finest type of filtration with a pore size of less than 1nm and a rejection of ions of more than 98%. The typical operating pressure of a reverse osmosis unit operated on tap water is 12-16 bar.

Nanofiltration is also a very fine filtration but the rejection of ions is lower compared to reverse osmosis. The typical operating pressure of a Nanofiltration unit is 4-7 bar. 

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