CO2 degasser at heat and power plant

CO2 degasser

A CO2 degasser is often used in the field of ion exchange in combination with dealkalizers or UPCORE™ demineralization plants. The CO2 degasser is placed between the cation and anion exchangers as an integral part of the demineralization unit. This increases the capacity of the anion exchangers and prolongs their durability. 

By removing the CO2 from the water, the ion exchange process is improved. This results in reduced regeneration, less chemical consumption and improved resin bed life.

Composition of CO2 degasser

Our product range comprises a number of pre-engineered CO2 degassers with flow rates up to 50 m3/h. A CO2 degasser designed by EUROWATER comprises:

  • Process tower with fillers
  • Reservoir for deaerated water
  • Air blower
  • Level monitoring of the water admission
  • Dry-run safety switch for the feed pump from the reservoir
  • Overflow for high water level in the reservoir

The units come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Please contact your local sales and service office for data sheets and further information.

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Applications of CO2 degasser


CO2 degassing of boiler water

Production of gelatine requires pure demineralized water and food-quality steam. This is achieved by using the technology of UPCORE™ in combination with CO2 degassing. 

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CO2 degasser for boiler water

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