CO2 degasser at heat and power plant

CO2 degasser

The CO2 degasser is an efficient and economical technology for reducing the carbon dioxide content in water. It requires very little maintenance, uses no consumables and is based on proven, efficient technology. It is especially economical for higher water flows and is naturally corrosion free.

The degasser is typically used to increase the filtration capacity of another water treatment plant or increase the pH value by reducing the dissolved CO2 before the next treatment stage.

The benefits of a CO2 degasser

Low operating cost

Low pressure drop in the vessel makes it possible to degas up to 70 m3/h water with high-volume, low-pressure air. This results in a very low price per m3 degassed water.


No consumables

The only media needed to degas the water is atmospheric air in combination with the plastic filling.


Continuous flow

There is no buildup, deposits or accumulation of waste requiring backwash or expulsion.


Corrosion free

The vessel is made of polypropylene which does not corrode or break down, resulting in longer product lifetime.


Wide range of standard units

Our product range comprises a number of pre-engineered CO2 degassers with flow rates up to 70 m3/h.

The units come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.

Please contact your local sales and service office for data sheets and further information.

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CO2 degasser by EUROWATER

  • Process tower with fillers
  • Reservoir for deaerated water
  • Air blower
  • Level monitoring of the water admission
  • Dry-run safety switch for the feed pump from the reservoir
  • Overflow for high water level in the reservoir


How it works

The process of CO2 degassing

The water is dispersed from the top, drizzling through a volume of plastic filler rings.

Atmospheric air is simultaneously injected by a blower from the bottom, rising in a counter-current flow up through the filler rings and resulting in a mass transfer of CO2 from the water.

Because the partial pressure of CO2 in atmospheric air is lower than the partial pressure of dissolved CO2 in the water, CO2 will transfer from the water into the air. The resulting mix of air and CO2 exits through the top – the degassed water exits through the bottom.

Applications of CO2 degassing unit


CO2 degassing of boiler water

Production of gelatine requires pure demineralized water and food-quality steam. This is achieved by using the technology of UPCORE™ in combination with CO2 degassing. 

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CO2 degasser for boiler water

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