Water treatment for ingredient water

Water quality are of great importance when used as ingredient to obtain product quality. 

High quality ingredient water 

Even potable water of the best quality can cause problems when the water is used directly in products. Water used as an ingredient in food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals must be free from undesirable taste, odour, colour and impurities.

Every water treatment solution form EUROWATER is tailored according to the application to achieve the desired quality of the ingredient water. 

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Remove salts without using chemicals

Inorganic salts and humus are removed through membrane filtration in a reverse osmosis plant. This solution provides high quality water without using any chemicals, for minimal environmental impact. 

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Eliminate bacteria with UV disinfection

Bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi in the water can be completely eradicated with UV disinfection. It works by destroying the DNA of the microorganisms. The UV disinfection plant is an essential safety barrier for ingredient water.  

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Reverse osmosis unit in sanitary design

A hygienic design ensures low risk of microbiological growth and can be achieved by choosing a solution in stainless steel, quality AISI 316L. The reverse osmosis plant can be supplied with a CIP unit. This is your guarantee for a safe and reliable operation when using demineralized water as ingredient.

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