Dealkalizers for removal of bicarbonate hardness

Dealkalizers are weakly acidic cation exchangers mainly used for processing water with high bicarbonate hardness. 

Removal of bicarbonate hardness prevents scale and corrosion, hereby ensuring the reliability of other water treatment units.

Dealkalizer by EUROWATER for removal of bicarbonate hardness

Designed for maximum reliability

Our product range comprises a wide number of standard plants, all engineered and manufactured in-house. The starting point is our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time.

Dealkalizers are available in the standard series DCM, DCMH, DCMP with flow rates up to 14 m3/h. The plants are designed with one or two resin tanks. Duplex plants can be supplied framemounted.


Dealkalizer by EUROWATER product type DCMP

Anti-corrosion tanks

The filter tanks are made of steel and can resist pressure fluctuations. They are also surface coated with PPA, a high-performance factory applied polyethylene coating. Thus, the filter tanks combine the strength of steel with the strong anti-corrosion properties of the PPA (C5-M).

Fail-safe valve

Our patented five-cycle valve is designed especially for EUROWATER plants. It is made of high-quality synthetic material and has few movable parts. This ensures a reliable operation, long life and minimum maintenance.

Pipe system

As standard, the supplied pipe system is of PVC and is resistant to corrosion and chemicals. All gaskets and O-rings are of silicone-free materials. 

Standard control

Our standard PLC control is programmed by our own engineers to fit your purpose. The simple user interface facilitates check of configuration parameters and control of operation and regeneration.  


Higher flow rate

A dealkalizer type DCTFA can provide a flow rate up to 150 m3/h. The plants are produced as one-tank and two-tank plants (duplex) and equipped with a regeneration rack. 

When brewing, the bicarbonate content is important. This can be adjusted by mixing dealkalized water and raw water. The photo shows a duplex dealkalizer DCTFA for treatment of brewing water. The flow rate is 2 x 30 m3/h. The solution also includes UV disinfection to get high-quality brewing water for the 100,000 hectolitres of beer produced yearly.

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Dealkalizer used for brewing water

Water softening with reduced chemical consumption

EUROWATER distributor in Lithuania, FILTER, has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned water softening and degassing system for one of the largest breweries in Lithuania.

Dealkalized water contains a large amount of carbon dioxide which lower the pH value. The taste of the beer is affected by the pH value and it is therefore an important factor for breweries to adjust. A CO2 degasser can reduce the present of carbon dioxide og hereby increase the pH level without chemical dosing.

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Dealkalizer used for brewing water

Dealkalizer in stainless steel by Eurowater


Stainless steel for a hygienic design

Dealkalizer plants are also available in stainless steel for a hygienic design ensuring low risk of microbiological growth. The pipe system is of PP and PVDF with the quality of being corrosion-proof and resistant to chemicals. The displayed plant is designed for manufacture of mineral water. 

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