New dealkalizer for French brewery

The customer is a French brewery with a yearly beer capacity of 100,000 hectolitre.

When brewing, the bicarbonate content is important. Through dealkalization, the hardness and the bicarbonate content of the water are reduced, thus typically reducing the salt content in the water by approximately 75%. This can be adjusted by mixing dealkalized water and raw water.

To improve the water treatment process, the brewery has replaced an old dealkalizer by a new duplex plant including UV disinfection unit and pumps with frequency inverter for energy saving. All the water treatment equipment has been updated to frame-mounted solutions from SILHORKO-EUROWATER.

Regenerations are performed with sulfuric acid and effluents are neutralized before drain.

The plant is controlled by a PLC with touch screen and communication through Ethernet.

Reference ID: 129671
Industry: Beverage industry | Breweries | Food industry
Application: Brewing water | Ingredient water | Process water | Rinse water


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Technical data

  • Flow : 2 x 30 m3/h

Units in plant

  • Raw water pumps with inverters
  • Bag filters 2 x EF5 filters frame-mounted
  • Bag filters 2 x EF5 filters with 2 x CRN pumps frame-mounted
  • Dealkalizer type DCTFA 12 duplex
  • with pipe system in PP and PVDF
  • Acid neutralization tank
  • Booster units 2 x CRNE pumps with inverters and UV unit frame-mounted


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