Water treatment plant in container - ready for use

A water treatment plant in container is a complete solution, assembled and tested off-site at our factory. The solution is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. This makes the plant ready for use when supplied, which financially can be an advantage, also in relation to the reduced amount of time used for deployment.       

The containers can be delivered with and without insulation and can be equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, door-in-door, emergency shower, etc. 

Standard features on container from EUROWATER


Outside protection 

Coated with primer, epoxy and minimum 250 µm layer thickness


A personal access door for easy and safe inspection of the water treatment plant

Sandwich panel  

High insulation sandwich panels coated white for a nice finish

Vinyl floor

2 mm vinyl floor welded with stainless steel drain for keeping a hygienic environment


Stainless steel counter flanges protected for transport

Why choose a water treatment plant in container


Factory-built plant complete with all internal piping and wiring


Pressure tested in our factory before shipment


Mobile water treatment with opportunity for relocation


Have a look inside a container

Fully equipped container designed for a power plant. The water is used for cooling water (8 m³/h), boiler water for high pressure steam turbine (6 m³/h) and drinking water. The container is insulated and equipped with door-in-door, light, and air-conditioning. The container includes the following plants:

  • Activated carbon filter
  • Pressure filter plant 
  • Softening plant with brine tanks
  • Dosing stations 
  • Bag filters 
  • Double-pass reverse osmosis plant 
  • Dealkalization plant 
  • Booster pumps
  • Control cabinet

Inside a container with a complete water treatment solution

Enjoy a tour in a 40' container


Water treatment in container

Learn more about water treatment in container

We have constructed many different custom-made water treatment plants in container adapted to specific demands and wishes. Please contact us for further information and to hear about your options.