PLC control panel from Eurowater

Automation and controls for water treatment plants

Downtime of operations and production processes can be very expensive. With SE controls from EUROWATER you are one step ahead. SE controls notify about preventive maintenance and inform you when immediate action is needed.

EUROWATER offers a comprehensive range of HMI and PLC controls for our equipment within filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and EDI. All controls are designed, developed and programmed by our in-house automation engineers. This is your guarantee for flexible software that is designed to fit your needs.  

SE controls from EUROWATER

User-friendly HMI environment 


Standardised menu available in several languages


Keys on the front for easy access without violating the IP54 protection glass


Ready for integration with central SCADA system


Standard hardware, flexible software

SE controls are based on flexible software for reliable water treatment systems adjusted to your operation. The controls are available in three basic hardware models. Programming is done by EUROWATER specialists ensuring optimal and reliable software. The controls are assembled at our own factory, ensuring quality check of all components and functions.

Attendance to acute problems is made convenient through our controls. In the display, you are immediately informed about the specific alarm. As standard option, it is also possible to receive and send messages between the control and your mobile phone. In this way, you make sure to maintain a reliable operation.

Easy commissioning and setup

Setup is done on site and can be done without any external software. The software has built-in flexibility such as several languages and upgrade options. Individual programs for more special projects are available on request.


Contact your local sales and service office for more information, data sheets or instructions. 

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SE10 control from Eurowater


The SE10 has only a single key for daily operation and monitoring. The control is designed for controlling automatic stand-alone units with minimum requirements for automatic processes such as one-tank pressure filters type NSB and softeners, and two-tank softeners operated in parallel.

SE20 control from Eurowater


The SE20 has 16 keys and four LEDs on the front for easy operation and monitoring. The SE20 is designed to control automatic stand-alone units with medium-level operating requirements such as our large pressure filters type TFB and duplex/triplex softeners.

SE30 control from Eurowater


The SE30 has 16 keys and four LEDs on the front for easy operation and monitoring. The SE30 offers analog input/output and is designed to control our range of units with high-level operation requirements such as plants using ion exchange technology, demineralization plants and reverse osmosis with conductivity measurement.

SE30 control from Eurowater


The SE40 controller provides efficient monitoring and intelligent control of your water treatment system. The SE40 controller allows for BUS communication and measurement of pressure, flow, level and conductivity. Real-time data collection is presented through intuitive graphics and graphs, ensuring easy accessibility and comprehensive insights.

Central PLC control cabinet

A central PLC control cabinet serves as the motor control centre and can include programmable control­lers, a touch screen operator interface, variable frequency drives and metering and may also be the electrical service entrance for the building. The last-mentioned is typically the case in our waterworks installations.

Central PLC control cabinets supplied to industrial companies and power plants often include communication through Ethernet, Profibus or Profinet. Also, GSM communication is available. The systems offer larger application flexibility and meet the most stringent industry standards.

PLC control cabinet from Eurowater

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