RENTAL | UV disinfection rental units

A periodic, bacteriological contamination calls for an immediate and quick effort. EUROWATER offers rental of UV plants for disinfection of both drinking water and process water - a quick and safe solution.

Our UV disinfection units are available with a flow rate up to 150 m³/h and developed with the aim of high efficiency, reliability and easy installation. The plants are ready for use when connected to water and electricity.

UV disinfection rental unit

Application of UV disinfection


Drinking water at water supplies or waterworks


Process water and ingredient water especially used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, beverage, and electronics industries


Hygienic safety barrier in any water supply


Effective disinfection

Microbiological growth in water can be effectively reduced with ultraviolet light. UV light with a wavelength of 254 nm (nanometer) kills bacteria, vira, algae, and fungus by breaking down the DNA of the microorganisms. Disinfection with UV light can be used for almost all water types.

The UV rental units are frame-mounted, and the UV-chamber is in stainless steel 316L. The UV units are available with a flow rate up to 150 m³/h. Extra UV-lamps are included in the rental. 

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UV disinfection rental unit

Connection kit for easy start-up

To ensure a fast and easy start-up all our UV rental units comes with a connection kit. The connection kit contains a 15-meter hose, flanges, cables for power and a disinfection kit to ensure the highest possible hygiene safety.

Connection kit UV disinfection unit rental

Rent a mobile UV disinfection unit

Our international service organization with an experienced staff of engineers and service technicians can offer start-up as well as training of your operating crew. Please contact us for further information and reservation of UV disinfection units.