Mixed-bed unit with on-site regeneration

Mixed bed plant for demineralized water

The mixed bed plant is used for fine polishing in high tech water installations, e.g. the medical and electronics industries, hospitals, power stations.

Treatment of demineralized water with low carbonic acid content results in conductivities as low as under 0.1 μS/cm. at 10°C. The mixed-bed plant is available in 6 pre-engineered standard modules with flow rate up to 50 m3/h. 


Mixed bed plant features

Anti-corrosion tanks

The filter tanks are of steel and therefore less susceptible to changes in pressure. The tanks are coated with polyethylene. Thus, the filter tanks combine the strength of steel with the strong anticorrosion property of synthetic material. 


Standard PLC control using a 7” touch screen as an HMI. Modular standard program with various control configurations for example quality control, meter control or timer control. Costumer specific changes can be done without a programmer. Fully documented instructions and power supply cabinet.    

Automatic regeneration

The regeneration starts with a separation of the two exchangers. Then follows a regeneration with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. After various rinses, the two ion exchangers are again mixed by means of compressed air. 


Continuous operation

For continuous operation, mixed bed plants can be set out in series of two (duplex) or three (triplex). The plants are controlled so that one of the plants is always in operation. When the capacity is exhausted, the plant is regenerated and put on stand-by, while the other plant is in operation. Duplex and triplex plants are available as frame-mounted.

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Triplex mixed-bed plant for continuous operation

Ultrapure water for steam turbine

At a waste-to-energy plant, the water treatment solution consists of several demineralization units based on ion exchange technology. This ensures a reliable and safe operation even under inconsistent raw water conditions. 

The water is polished in a common mixed-bed unit, leaving the demineralized water with a very low conductivity.

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