Save water and energy - upgrade to RO-PLUS

Whether you want to save water, energy or make your water treatment plant more intelligent, EUROWATER has a solution to help you reduce your resource consumption.

New and efficient technologies offer a range of upgrade options for reverse osmosis (RO) units. Both new and existing customers can benefit from these technological developments. The upgrades are easy to implement, and the payback time can be as low as 6 months.

Upgrade to save water


RO-PLUS units

RO-PLUS is a new series of RO units from EUROWATER for demineralization of water. The units are designed for a recovery rate up to 90%, compromising neither the reliability nor the water quality.

Upgrade to reduce energy consumption


Low energy membranes

Instead of reordering, ask about newer membrane models. Developments in membrane technologies offer possibilities for optimization to meet individual demands better; fight fouling, address more stringent quality limits, reduce energy consumption or other challenges. 

Energy efficient pumps

EUROWATER plants use pumps with high efficiency motors and variable frequency drives specially designed to reduce energy consumption.

In addition to fulfilling the EuP directive IC5 standard, there are a number of secondary benefits, such as a cooler running engine and thereby better bearing conditions. The result is a significant increase in life expectancy and reduction of the lifetime costs.

Upgrade to a user-friendly control


Control your operation with PLC

The SE30 control panel is designed especially for our RO-units. It has an analog output for an external conductivity meter. The control panel is PLC-based and offers easy access to settings and operating status. Finally, a softener can also be controlled from the same panel.


Brewery attains 88 % water recovery

Water is one of the primary ingredients in beer and soft drinks. Therefore, a brewery has a large consumption of high-quality water.

This is also the case for the Danish brewery in Skælskør owned and run by Harboes Bryggeri A/S since 1883. Harboe is a company with a very strong corporate culture emphasizing responsibility, collaboration, quality and results. When it was time for replacement of the existing water treatment plant, it was a matter of course to exploit new and energy efficient technology in order to minimize the consumption of water and energy.

Reduced resource consumption
The result was a thorough upgrade instead of just a replacement. EUROWATER supplied, installed and commissioned a series of RO-PLUS units. The upgrade resulted in an 88 % water recovery and hereby also reducing the energy consumption. The return on investment (ROI) was about one year.

RO-PLUS unit at brewery


Technical data

  • Flow: 3 x 20 m³/h
  • Conductivity: < 15 µS/cm
  • Recovery: 88 %

Units in plant

  • Reverse osmosis units 3 x RO-PLUS C3-15+3
  • Triplex softener STFA 35
  • Pressure filters for iron removal 2 x TFB 25

Pre-engineered standard reverse osmosis plants

EUROWATER offers a board range of reverse osmosis plants with flow rate up to 45 m3/h. The plants are designed with high-end components and come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation and maintenance.  

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Discover RO-PLUS

Get started on a comprehensive cost optimization. Let us review your existing installation and make an individual assessment of your possibilities to cut back on water and power consumption - for the benefit of both the environment and your expenses!