RENTAL | softening unit

With a rental softening unit from EUROWATER you are guaranteed high quality softened water for the period you request. Our rental softening units are available with flow rates from 3 - 30 m³/h.​

Water softening exchanges the content of calcium and magnesium salts in the raw water with the corresponding sodium salts which do not cause the inconveniences characterizing hard water. The softened water has a hardness of less than 0.5 °dH.


Rental of water softener for industries

Softened water applications


Filling up accumulation tanks


Filling up the piping at heat and power plants


Temporary water supply in connection with renovation of existing plants


Water for pilot and research projects


Reliable softening units

The softening units are built on a strong transport frame-mounted with internal piping and wiring which make the plant easy to connect. The system is automatically controlled according to the water consumption.

The control panel of the plant is pre-set according to the stated parameters or based on a water analysis. In this way, the operation of the plant meets your needs and you do not have to make the setting of the panel before the plant starts producing softened water.

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Eurowater softening unit for rent

Robust piping

The piping is made in electroplated steel for high durability and to withstand high pressure.

Pipe system in steel on water softener for rent

Transport frame

Strong transport frame made of steel and with lifting lugs for crane.

Transport skid on water softener for rent

Customized control

Control panel with a simple menu structure. The panel is set before shipment according to water analysis and knowledge of water need.

Control unit SE20 for water softener rental


Rent a Testomat for measuring residual hardness

The Testomat monitors the quality of the treated water and sends alarm to the SE control panel in case the quality limit is exceeded. A Testomat is relevant for all customers with subsequent water treatment or a production facility in which hard water is unacceptable – even in small amounts.

Testomat for automatic quality test

Rent a mobile softening plant

Our international service organization with an experienced staff of engineers and service technicians can offer start-up as well as training of your operating crew. Please contact us for further information and reservation of softening plants.