Reverse osmosis units - demineralized water of high quality

Reverse osmosis units (RO) are used for production of demineralized water without the use of chemicals. Furthermore, RO units remove pyrogens and microorganisms as well as up to 90% of the organic substances.

Reverse osmosis units from Eurowater serie B1

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We use a modular design throughout all our RO series which makes it very easy to adapt existing units to match an increasing need for demineralized water. The standardization approached has continuously been refined since 1987 where our first RO unit was supplied. The picture shows our RO B1 series, ranging from 0.4 to 2.4 m³/h.


Modular design 

The modular standard design makes the plants easy to maintain, enlarge or upgrade and keeps the total costs of ownership low.  


Trouble-free operation

Construction and selection of materials ensure reliable and continuous operation with low maintenance costs.  


Time-saving installation

The reverse osmosis plants are frame-mounted, pre-installed and factory-tested making the installation easy, safe and quick. 


Industrial design

Technical know-how and selected high-quality components in combination ensure the compliance of the units with the highest industrial standards.

1. Welded pipe system

The reverse osmosis unit has a robust, welded pipe system of stainless steel suitable for high water pressure. As standard, inlet and outlet pipe systems are of PVC.

Reverse osmosis welded pipe system

2. Low-energy membranes

The membranes are selected to ensure our customers the best solution, both as to operating costs and water quality. EUROWATER continuously follows developments of new membrane types to optimize our product range.

Membrane for reverse osmosis

3. Steel membrane vessels

The pressure vessels are either of stainless steel or steel coated with polyethylene. This makes them very indifferent to pressure changes, thus ensuring a long life and leakage protection. At the same time, the pressure vessels are extremely corrosion resistant.

Pressure vessels at reverse osmosis made in stainless steel

4. User-friendly control

Each RO unit is monitored with a SE30 PLC control. The control is purpose-made and programmed by our own engineers. The simple interface makes it easy to control and monitor unit operation including configuration of pre-rinse, quality rinse, post-rinse and limit values for water quality.  

SE30 control unit from Eurowater

5. Efficient pumps

Standard RO units are equipped with energy-efficient high-pressure pumps in which all parts in contact with liquid as well as top and bottom sections are of stainless steel. 

Reverse osmosis systems

Our product range comprises a number of pre-engineered standard plants with flow rate up to 60 m3/h. All modules are manufactured at our own factory in Denmark. The standard plants come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation and maintenance.  

Select between single-pass RO, double-pass RO and water saving RO. 

Customized to fit your application

We offer many possibilities of custom-made solutions. Almost all parameters and components can be varied and combined.

EUROWATER has great experience in producing pipe systems of other materials than PVC such as:

  • PP 
  • PE
  • PVDF
  • Stainless steel   

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Efficient reverse osmosis membranes 

We offer you a broad selection of RO membrane elements. All carefully chosen to guarantee you a membrane element of high quality suitable for EUROWATER RO units.

Our selection covers several types of membranes, for instance our EWLE-4040 that are low-energy membranes for low pressure operation or our EWHR-4040 with high retention efficiency for superior water quality.

All our RO membrane elements are in-stock items with short delivery time. Contact your local sales and service office for further information.

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EWLE-4040 and EWHR-4040 RO membrane elements from EUROWATER

Control system designed for reverse osmosis units

The SE40 control from EUROWATER, with integrated data logging, registers and monitors the condition of your reverse osmosis unit. All data is collected in real time and made easily accessible by means of graphics and graphs. 

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Is your water suitable for RO?

Silt Density Index (SDI) is a measurement of the fouling potential of suspended solids. SDI is used to determine if water is suitable for reverse osmosis.

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Reference sheet for SDI

Reliable reverse osmosis units 

A trouble-free operation starts with correct water treatment. In this leaflet we have collected all you need to know about reliable reverse osmosis units. 

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All on one frame

A complete, frame-mounted water treatment unit for production of demineralized water is a great solution if your water treatment consists of several treatment steps. 

The photo shows a frame-mounted solution for one of the largest hospitals in Denmark. The system comprises softening, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection. 

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Rent a reverse osmosis plant

Do you need high-quality demineralized water for a short period of time?

Rent a mobile water treatment plant with flow rates from 2 m3/h up to 20 m3/h from EUROWATER.

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Mobile water treatment in container

Get the optimum solution

Selection of unit depends on application, water quality, and water consumption. We are at your service to ensure the optimum solution based on our combined know-how. Fill in the form and let us get back to you.

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