Water Treatment Plants

Our product range comprises a wide number of standard plants, all engineered and manufactured in-house. The starting point is our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time. 

Controls and automation

Make your water treatment plant automatic with a control and automation system. Standard hardware, flexible software, our design. 

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Find product by impurity

Choose the impurity you want to remove from the water and see product solutions.


AlgaBacteria | Fungi | Virus

Organic substances

Organic solventsPesticidesPhenol | Humus | PAH | PFAS


Sand | Organic matter | Rust

Disinfectants and residues

Chloramine | Chlorine dioxide | Free chlorine

Water quality

From drinking water to ultrapure water. Choose the water quality you require and see product solutions.

Drinking water

30-800 µS/cm

Softened water

30-800 µS/cm

Demineralized water

5-30 µS/cm

Degassed water

5-30 µS/cm

Ultrapure water

0.06-0.2 µS/cm

Packaged water treatment solutions

Complete water treatment solution
factory-built, tested and ready for use!

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