Drinking water

Water treatment plants from EUROWATER can produce drinking water from almost all-natural resources, such as groundwater and surface water. Untreated groundwater and surface water contain salts, organic components, particles and gases that can cause a wide variety of problems.

Drinking water treatment

To start the necessary precipitation processes, the water needs to be oxidized and aerated with atmospheric air. An integrated oxidation and spraying system ensure optimum oxidation at the right time in the filtration process. The water is further treated in the pressure filter leading to pure drinking water quality without use of chemicals in the process.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines are generally followed throughout the world for drinking water quality requirements. In addition to the WHO guidelines, each country or territory can have their own standards.

Please contact your local EUROWATER office to get the relevant information for your country.

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Drinking water

Removed elements

Iron (Fe++)
Manganese (Mn++)
Ammonium (NH4+)
Nitrite (NO2-)
Aggressive carbon dioxide (CO2)
Phosphorus (P)
Arsenic (As+++)
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
Methane (CH4)

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Directive on drinking water

In the European countries the EC directive on drinking water must be followed. In general, the selection of treatment method is greatly related to the water source available and to the standards set out by the local authorities. 

Download EU directive