Water saving

Let us reduce and reuse our water consumption. 

Save water and energy in your water treatment

It requires water to produce water. Production of water at the right quality is associated with some waste of water.

At EUROWATER, we are focused on minimizing this waste. Advances in science and technology as well as years of experience help us to improve water utilization. For the benefit of the environment and our customers' competitiveness.

In close cooperation with our customers and business partners, we have developed intelligent, sustainable and efficient water solutions. A collection of cases and solutions showcase water utilization with recovery of up to 100 %. In some cases, the ROI was as little as 6 months.


Water efficiency at large hospital in Denmark 

DNU, The New University Hospital, is one of the largest hospitals in Denmark. EUROWATER designed and delivered a turnkey water treatment plant.  

The water treatment plant produces soft water and demineralized water with a water recovery of up to 90 %. The water is used in the clinical biochemistry department, pathology department and joint sampling laboratories.

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88 % water utilization

Water is one of the primary ingredients in food and beverage production. Therefore, it was a high priority to reduce water usage, when the Danish brewery Harboe was upgrading their existing water treatment plant.

The water waste should be kept to an absolute minimum. Today Harboe saves 90,000 cubic meters of water a year.

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RO-PLUS - water waste reduced by 60%

RO-PLUS is a reverse osmosis series designed for high water utilization. The series are engineered according to the same design principles as our standard reverse osmosis plants; high quality demineralized water without use of chemicals.

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District heating

Water efficiency in district heating

Aalborg Forsyning, a Danish district heating company, was seeking a water treatment solution with focus on lifetime costs and water efficiency.

EUROWATER designed a water treatment solution with low operating costs, including the consumption of water, electricity and regeneration salt.

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