Mission, Vision & Values

In short, our mission states: We treat water! Here we make a difference. We have elaborated on what is essential for us in our daily work to treat water for our customers, and we have clarified our vision to show where we are heading.

Why are we here?


We treat water!
We offer our customers water treatment solutions that provide them a safe daily supply of the desired water quality and quantity, while at the same time requiring the least possible consumption of resources with minimum environmental impact.

Through long-term co-operation, we offer our customers a constant focus on new ways to optimize their water treatment solutions — by means of new knowledge and technology and according to the development in our customer’s requirements.


Where are we going?


We want to be a valued supplier of intelligent and reliable water treatment solutions and the preferred partner for demanding and quality-conscious customers within drinking water and process water, who want optimal, long-term solutions.

We want to be an attractive workplace for employees who seek professional and personal development, and who appreciate working with a high degree of freedom with responsibility in their daily work — based on acceptance of, and respect for, differences in each employee’s job functions, field of work and individuality.

On which values do we build our actions?


Value for customers 
Everything we do for our customers must create value for them.

You can have trust in what we say and we take responsibility for what we do. Challenges can arise during a water treatment job, but we do not leave the job before it has been completed!

We accept and respect diversity as a basis of good decisions and solutions. Mutual respect and loyalty form the basis of long-lasting and close relationships. 
We respect that our customers have different requirements and it is our task to provide the best possible solution for them.