RENTAL | Mixed-bed unit

A mixed-bed unit can produce high quality demineralized water or be used for polishing of demineralized water to get ultrapure water quality.

EUROWATER offers rental of EUREX mixed-bed units for demineralization of water without chemical usage at the installation site.

Mixed-bed unit for rent

Application of EUREX

Process water in case of emergencies


Seasonal peak loads in production


Temporary supply of process water in periods of renovation or replacement of the existing water treatment plant


Easy and chemical-free operation 

EUREX is specially developed for customers needing temporary demineralized water of the highest quality and who neither wants to store nor to handle regeneration chemicals (acid and lye) at the installation site.

The EUREX unit has a flow rate up to 28 m³/h. Depending on the application the major part of the plant capacity has conductivities below 0.2 μS/cm.

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Conductivity meter

To get the level of water quality requested, the exact composition of the water can be important to control. We offer rental of a conductivity meter with resin trap for measuring the conductivity in the water after the EUREX unit. 

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Rent a mixed-bed unit

Our international service organization with an experienced staff of engineers and service technicians can offer start-up as well as training of your operating crew. Please contact us for further information and reservation of mixed-bed units with off-site regeneration.