From knowledge to solution

Our know-how is your guarantee to obtain a reliable operation with a safe daily supply of the desired water quality. 

Why choose EUROWATER

High-quality components and functional design are a matter of course when we construct water treatment plants. Your benefit is operational results, reliable flow of desired water quality, and our years of experience. 

Operational reliability

EUROWATER manufactures long-life water treatment plants with high reliability of operation. The basis is thorough knowledge of water treatment, both theoretical and practical, together with proven and recognized technologies and components. 

Pre-engineered standard solutions

Our modular standard solutions are proven design based on special engineering within water treatment. All units come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation, and maintenance. This guarantees high reliability of the plants, short delivery time, and competitive prices.

Team of specialists

Our engineering group is continuously engaged in innovations and improvements of products and solutions. The work is optimized in close co-operation with our suppliers and customers. Our knowledge becomes your benefit.

Co-operation that fits your needs

Our competencies cover a wide field. We can deliver the entire solution or parts of it. It is possible to work together with us throughout the whole process from the first drawing to the subsequent service or, for instance, only in connection with delivery of single plants or spare parts.

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The products and expertise we offer make a difference.

It is our guiding principle that everything we do for our customers must create value for them. This is one of the reasons we have a long-standing relationship with our customers. 

"We are very pleased. The project has gone according to plan. The sterilization center is running as it should, and the desired water quality is available" 

Thorkild Vestergaard
Project manager and mechanical engineer 
Regional Hospital Viborg, Denmark

"We have had a good and trustful collaboration for many years and we have been in the best hands. The solution with a temporary container waterworks during the construction process was worth gold, and we have been able to maintain normal operation without interruption." 

Bo Grønvall, Chairman
Jelling Waterworks, Denmark

From groundwater to ultrapure water

We offer our customers water treatment solutions that provide them a safe daily supply of the desired water quality and quantity - from groundwater to ultrapure water. 

The different water qualities require one or more water treatment technologies. Each technology comprises a wide number of standard plants engineered by EUROWATER. Click on the different technologies to read more. 

Oxidation and filtration Drinking water Softening by ion exchange Softened water Demineralisation by reverse osmosis Demineralised water Deaeration Deaerated water Polishing by EDI Ultrapure water

How can we help?

Our team of specialists are ready to answer your questions about pure water treatment solutions.