Thermal deaerator used in food processing industry

Thermal deaerator

A thermal deaerator is used for reducing the oxygen content of steam boiler feedwater. Without proper treatment, feedwater for steam boilers typically has a high oxygen content of 8-10 mg/l, which causes critical corrosion in the system.

Theory of operation
The condensate and the make-up water are mixed so that a temperature of 60-70°C is reached before conducted to the top of the deaerator. In the top of the deaerator the water is vaporized, so the gases can escape the layer that surrounds every single water molecule.

Steam is conducted to the bottom of the deaerator through a steam pressure reducing valve and steam injectors create the necessary turbulence in the water for an efficient deaeration. The excess gases are allowed to escape through a vent with a restriction.

Plant design

A thermal deaerator from EUROWATER is available in 12 units with flow rates up to 40 m3/h and tank volume from 1,450 litres to 23,150 litres. The deaerator tank is made of steel with end-caps for higher pressure tolerance and constructed according to CE regulations. 

The thermal deaerator works at an excess pressure of 0.2 bar, corresponding to a boiling point of 104oC.

All units come with standard documentation for easy installation, operation, and maintenance.


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Softening unit SM SG

Thermal deaerator

The spray-type consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel which serves as both the deaeration section, and a storage tank for boiler feedwater.

Product type:TA
Water quality:50 ppb O2
Water inlet:Directly in tank
Holding tank:~20 min.
Switch in end-cap:2 levels
Operational + dry-run
Visual:Level glass
Steam distribution:

Pipe with nozzles

Outside coating:Yes
Inside coating:Yes
Softening unit SM SG

Thermal deaerator with dome

The spray & tray-type, or also called cascade-type, includes a vertical dome deaeration section mounted on top of a horizontal cylindrical vessel which serves as the deaerated boiler feedwater storage tank.

Product type:TD
Water quality:20 ppb O2
Water inlet:In top of dome
Holding tank:~30 min.
Switch in end-cap:1 level
Visual:Level glass with level switches
Steam distribution:Pipe with holes
Outside coating:Yes
Inside coating:No
Dome:AISI 304L

Premium design and reliable operation

Thermal deaerator with dome. 

  • Dome with trays
    Ensures a very reliable and stable operation and not sensitive to changes in flowrate. 
  • One steam injection
    Steam injection is handled from the bottom of the holding tank, which makes it easy to control and cause all the steam to pass through the dome.
  • Excellent water quality
    Oxygen level less than 20 ppb. 


Thermal deaerator with or without dome suitable for steam boilers supplied complete with fittings, i.e. steam pressure reducing valve and safety valve, level control, water level indicator, thermometer, and pressure gauge. 

Included in deliveryNot included
Thermal deaeratorConnecting pipe system
Steam pressure reduction valveSupport stand
Safety valvePumps
Counter-mating flangesService valve



Insulate to prevent heat loss

Prevent the condensation of steam and loss of heat by insulating the deaerator, and in general all installations in contact with hot water. A deaerator type TA from EUROWATER can be supplied insulated with 100 mm of mineral wool covered by aluminium plate.  

Insulated thermal deaerator to prevent heat loss


Sample cooler - monitor the work of the deaerator

Use a sample cooler to monitor the function of the boiler or the thermal deaerator. A sample cooler ensures efficient cooling according to the counter-current principle and no contamination of the sample. 

Download leaflet to read more about function and benefits.

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Sample cooler for thermal deaerator

Industrial steam boilers

Thermal deaerator plays an important part in the optimum water treatment solution for industrial steam boilers.

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