The history of EUROWATER

Year 1936 in Denmark, three Jutlandic dairy machinery workers
decided to establish a common water treatment company. This was the beginning of our history.  


A timeless idea

EUROWATER was established in 1936 and started out modestly in an apartment in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. The focus was laid on customers such as smaller waterworks, farms, and coin laundries. The fleet of cars consisted of only one service car; an old-fashioned Chevrolet with a gas generator. This car delivered plants for waterworks all over Jutland.

The first year, the company became sole agent of a deacidification substance called Magno. This substance has been used ever since. At the same time, the NS filtration plant was developed and presented at a fair in 1937. The NS units are still a part of the product range.

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Silhorko pressure filter from 1949



In Denmark, EUROWATER is known under the name SILHORKO, which has been the company name from the beginning. 

But in 1963, the CEO Th. Nansen Scherfig established contact with the American company Water Refining in Ohio. They wanted to gain a footing in the European market. The EUROWATER brand was established with half American and half Danish share capital. 

In the middle of the 1970s, SILHORKO bought the American shares in EUROWATER, and the export company was now 100% owned by Danes. The SILHORKO name was maintained for the Danish market and EUROWATER for all export markets - and that is still a reality today.  

Management & ownership

Th. Nansen Scherfig was appointed managing director when the company started in 1930s. Until 2003, the Scherfig family had been the sole owner of Silhorko-Eurowater A/S. But in 2003, the ownership was divided between Erik Nansen Scherfig, Harry Viiala, Kurt Hufnagl, and Torben Buhl.

In October 2020, Silhorko-Eurowater A/S was acquired by Grundfos and November 1st 2020 Silhorko-Eurowater A/S became a Grundfos company.

Product milestones

Since the NS pressure filter, many new water treatment plants have been designed and introduced to the EUROWATER standard product portfolio.     

Softening plant

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The first softening plant from Eurowater

Softeners and pressure filters

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The first softeners and pressure filters from Eurowater

Demineralization plant

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The first automatic demineralization plant from Eurowater

Reverse osmosis plants

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The first reverse osmosis plant from Eurowater

Electrodeionization plants

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(Compact RO units)

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Compact reverse osmosis unit from Eurowater

RO-PLUS unit
(Save water and energy)

See the RO-PLUS unit

First reverse osmosis unit saving water and energy

Membrane degasser unit
(Non-chemical solution)

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Memebrane degasser unit