Save water and energy
with RO-PLUS

RO-PLUS comprises a range of reverse osmosis units distinguished by their exceptionally high water recovery rate, reaching up to 90%. This enhanced recovery rate is achieved without compromising operational safety or the quality of the water output. Every component in the unit is chosen to save water and energy, while also maximising operational reliability.

RO-PLUS is available as a standard RO-PLUS unit or as an upgrade kit for existing RO unit from EUROWATER. This ensures that whether you are a new or existing customer, you can begin saving water and energy today.

Single pass reverse osmosis PLUS for high water utilization

Maximise efficiency, Minimise waste

Save water

Achieve up to 90% water recovery rate with RO-PLUS without compromising the reliability of the unit nor the water quality.


Save energy

Benefit from decreased energy consumption per m3 of water through energy-efficient design features, including Grundfos E-pumps with integrated frequency converter and low-energy membranes.


Take control

Control over the process allows for optimization leading to savings on chemicals, better capacity and water savings. SE30 is a PLC-based control unit especially designed for RO-PLUS units.


Product overview

Our product range comprises a number of pre-engineered water saving RO-PLUS units with a flow rate up to 36 m3/h. The starting point is our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time. All plants consist of selected high-quality components and intelligent features, e.g. Grundfos E-pumps that help reduce energy.

Each solution can be customized and built according to the specific application by adapting the choice of material, instrumentation, and control system - based on our combined know-how.


Contact your local sales and service office for more information and request of data sheets and instructions. 

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RO-PLUS B1 from Eurowater

Flow up to 2.4 m3/h

Pressure vessel:Stainless steel
Pipe system:PVC
Product type:RO-PLUS B1
RO-PLUS B2 from Eurowater

Flow up to 8 m3/h

Pressure vessel:Stainless steel
Pipe system:PVC
Product type:RO-PLUS B2
RO-PLUS B2 from Eurowater

Flow up to 36 m3/h

Pressure vessel:Stainless steel
Pipe system:PVC
Product type:RO-PLUS C3


Flow rate up to 42 m3/h

Pressure vessel: Steel coated with polyethylene
Membranes: 8" 
Type: RO-PLUS C3

With a customized RO-PLUS it is possible to attain a flow rate up to 42 m3/h. The plant is engineered according to the same design principles as our standard plants but customized to fit your specific needs. 

The picture shows a RO-PLUS C3 providing demineralized water with low conductivity for production of dairy products at Arla.  

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Selected references with RO-PLUS

Upgrade to RO-PLUS saves 90,000 m3 of water annually

RO-PLUS is also available as an upgrade kit for existing water treatment systems supplied by EUROWATER. The upgrades are easy to implement, and the payback period can be as low as 6 months.

The picture shows an existing reverse osmosis unit upgraded to RO-PLUS at the Danish brewery Harboe Bryggeri A/S. The upgrade lead to 88 % water recovery which correspond to 90,000 mwater saved yearly. 

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Water for sustainable heating

Cost-efficiency and environmental impact are key focus areas especially within the energy sector. Upgrading to RO-PLUS supports this agenda providing not only a chemical-free and eco-friendly water treatment solution but also a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

The picture shows a RO-PLUS followed by a membrane degassing unit for oxygen removal at a large district heating company. More than 5,400 households are now getting sustainable heating. 

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Let's talk water

Selection of unit depends on application, water quality, and water consumption. We are at your service to ensure the optimum solution based on our combined know-how.

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