Pure water treatment for any process

Boiler water

Treatment and conditioning of boiler feed water for industrial, high pressure steam, and heat boilers.

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Surface treatment

DI rinse water for cleaning, rinsing and preparation of product surface.

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Ultrapure water for electrolysis technologies AWE, PEM, SOEC and AEM. 

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Food & Beverage

Process water for various operational purposes with a focus on product quality, food safety and hygienic design.

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Featured references 

Water and energy saving at Grundfos factory

The water treatment solution at Grundfos pump factory reuse 78% of the water from the water treatment process, which reduce the yearly water consumption by 20%.

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Water treatment future-proofs production at major dairy cooperative

One of the largest manufacturers of milk and dairy products in Europe modernize their production facilities with in-house water treatment solution.

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Containerized solution for Power-to-Gas facility

Ultrapure water for the first plant in the world to commercially increase the production of biogas via electrolysis and biological methanation.

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Reducing PFAS in drinking water with ion exchange

Fanø Waterworks in Denmark leads the way in employing advanced ion exchange technology to eliminate PFAS from drinking water.

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Water and energy optimization at dairy

450 tonnes of milk are processed every day at one of the largest dairy manufacturers in Ukraine. Operations have been optimized with a customized water treatment solution that saves water and energy.

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Ultrapure water for 50 MW PEM electrolyzer

Water treatment solution for the world's first large-scale commercial e-methanol production plant in Kassøe, Denmark.

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Replacement of water treatment plant without operational downtime

Replacing a water treatment plant where the treated water is used for turbine operation is not something you just do. Installing a temporary system ensured a smooth transition.

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Crystal clear ice cubes using membrane filtration

Plusice produces ice cubes. On a busy day they produce more than 30 tons of ice cubes. The only ingredient is water, and it must be pure and safe.

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Pure water treatment across Europe

We develop and manufacture reliable water treatment systems. Our knowledge and solutions within pure water treatment transcend borders through our 24 local sales and service offices. This makes us one of the leading suppliers in Europe of water treatment solutions for boiler water, process water, cooling water, rinse water, and drinking water.

Since 2020, EUROWATER has been a part of Grundfos, supporting Grundfos' global ambitions to pioneer solutions for the world's water and climate challenges, and improve the quality of life for people.

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