Modern water treatment ensures both stable operation and water efficiency

The Ukrainian dairy Loostdorf had a modern water treatment system designed and installed by EUROWATER. The system reduces both water and energy consumption without compromising on operational reliability.

Loostdorf is one of the largest manufactures of dairy products in Ukraine. Their production facilities are capable of processing 450 tons of milk per day, and their product catalogue includes more than 100 products.

As one of very few dairies in Ukraine, they meet the high requirements in order to export to the EU ­− and today supplies products to more than 25 countries around the world.

The four Grundfos CRN pumps in the foreground ensures smooth operation of the water supply - and at the same time enormous energy savings compared to Loostdorf’s previous solution. 

Quality is key

The company's philosophy is "providing consumers with consistently high-quality products". And the philosophy is not just words − it's something they live by in every choice they make. From high-quality raw materials to state-of-the-art production facilities.

”When choosing a supplier, the Loostdorf company works only with the leaders in each segment of equipment manufacturers,” says Valeriy Meged, Deputy of Production Director at Loostdorf.

The dairy has selected Tetra Pak as supplier for packaging equipment, Alfa Laval for technological equipment and EUROWATER for water treatment equipment.

All pipes are made in stainless steel and welded on site by EUROWATER. The picture also shows three of the “EUROWATER blue” mechanical bag filtration units (EF5) at the bottom right.

The reverse osmosis (RO) unit retains more than 98 % of the salts in the water and remove pyrogenic substances as well as microorganisms – entirely without use of chemicals.

Modern water treatment

Loostdorf has been around for more than 25 years, but in 2021 they realized that their previous water treatment system was no longer sufficient to support their business. They needed a modern water treatment system to increase capacity, improve water quality, reduce the need for chemicals and increase water and energy efficiency.

EUROWATER is a specialist company within water treatment solutions and integrated services, and Loostdorf did not doubt for a second that EUROWATER was the right supplier.

In-house specialists from EUROWATER engineered the new water treatment system to suit Loostdorf's needs. The system has a capacity of 85 m3/h and supplies both drinking and domestic water, process water, ingredient water, cooling water, boiler make-up water and water for CIP.

”Solutions from EUROWATER successfully work at dairy plants around the world and have reviews in Ukraine from BiAGR, PepsiCo (Wimm-Bill-Dunn), Danone, and RUD. The new water treatment system allows us to optimize our water consumption without compromising on neither stable operation nor high quality”.

- Valeriy Meged, CEO of Loostdorf


In January 2022, the system was installed and put into operation. It has been running for a year now, and despite a challenging 2022 with war in Ukraine, Loostdorf clearly feel the improvement in their everyday work.

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Facts about Loostdorf

  • 32,000 m² production facilities located in the city of Ilintsy, Vinnitsa region.
  • The largest producer of UHT (ultra-high temperature) products in the Ukrainian market.
  • Products within the categories: Milk, milk for children, sour cream, cream, butter, milk cocktails, kefir, ryazhenka, drinking yoghurts, cooking cream, plant-based drinks, and thick yoghurt.

Insight into Loostdorf’s water treatment system

  • Grundfos CRN pumping stations ensures the water's path from Loostdorf's underground wells, through the water treatment process and out to the production, where water of different qualities is needed. The pumps also provide a circuit with recycled water, so that the dairy utilizes the water and energy as much as possible.
  • Control systems from Siemens.
  • Mechanical bag filtration units (EF5) from EUROWATER to initially remove undissolved impurities from the water.
  • Large reverse osmosis units (RO C3-36) from EUROWATER to remove calcium, magnesium, nitrate, chloride and TDS (total dissolved solids) from the water.
  • All pipes, instruments and fittings are made in AISI316L stainless steel, according to PID and meets the food and beverage standards.

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