Demineralized water treatment plant in container

With water treatment plant installed in a container you are guaranteed a safe and reliable production of high-quality demineralized water.

The container consists of a demineralization plant with pretreatment and designed to a flow rate up to 20 m³/h with a conductivity of 10-20 µS/cm.

Water treatment in container from Eurowater

A complete plug-and-play solution

Access to water of high quality when then need occurs.

Temporary supply of process water during maintainance or replacement of existing water treatment solution


Seasonal peak loads where the demand for process water is increased


Filling up storage tanks at district heating plant


How it works

 Rental of a mobile water treatment plant in container is easy and quick. The video (2 min.) gives an example of, how the mobile water treatment plant handles a filling of a thermal energy storage.

Complete water treatment

The plants are installed in a frost-safe and insulated 20 feet container equipped with electric heating. The complete water treatment plant typically consists of softening unit, filter bag, reverse osmosis unit and control panel.

All units are mounted and tested in-house to make the container ready for use shortly after arrival. This ensures you quick installation on-site with no downtime in production.

See inside the container

Complete water treatment for demineralized water

Inside a Eurowater container with water treatment units

Reverse osmosis for high quality demineralized water

Reverse osmosis unit installed in container

Softening unit as pretreatment to the reverse osmosis

Softening unit from Eurowater installed in container

Inlet water tank in PE, 1.500 litres

Water tank from Eurowater installed in container

Additional choice

Add a mixed-bed for high water quality

A mixed-bed unit can be used for polishing of the water after reverse osmosis to obtain a conductivity below 0.2 μS/cm. 

See mixed-bed rental unit

Additional choice

Conductivity meter

To get the level of water quality requested, the exact composition of the water can be important to control. We offer rental of a conductivity meter with resin trap for measuring the conductivity in the water after the EUREX unit. 


Rent a demineralization plant in container

Our international service organization with an experienced staff of engineers and service technicians can offer start-up as well as training of your operating crew. Please contact us for further information and reservation of water treatment plant in container.