Single-pass RO system

Reverse Osmosis can remove more than 98% of the dissolved salts, particles, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens from the feedwater. A Single-pass reverse osmosis unit supply demineralized water with conductivity typically below 15 µS/cm. 


  • Space-saving design
  • Energy-efficient E-pumps
  • No use of chemicals
  • High-quality components
  • Minimal maintenance

Single pass reverse osmosis system

Product overview

Our product range comprises a number of pre-engineered single-pass RO plants with a flow rate up to 45 m3/h. All plants consist of selected high-quality components and intelligent features, e.g. Grundfos E-pumps that help reduce energy.

RO plants from EUROWATER is based on our modular-built standard system ensuring high flexibility, high reliability in operation, and short delivery time. Each solution can be customized and built according to the specific application by adapting the choice of material, instrumentation, and control system - based on our combined know-how.


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RO B1 single pass

Flow up to 2.4 m3/h

Product type:RO B1
Pressure vessel:Stainless steel
Pipe system:PVC
RO B2 single pass

Flow up to 8 m3/h

Product type:RO B2
Pressure vessel:Stainless steel
Pipe system:PVC
RO single pass C3

Flow up to 45 m3/h

Product type:RO C3
Pressure vessel:Steel coated with polyethylene
Pipe system:PVC

Customized plant

Flow rate up to 60 m3/h

Pressure vessel: Steel coated with polyethylene
Membranes: 8" 
Type: RO C4

With a customized reverse osmosis plant it is possible to attain a flow rate up to 60 m3/h. The plant is engineered according to the same design principles as our standard plants, but customized to fit your specific needs.    

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All-in-one reverse osmosis unit with small footprint

The reverse osmosis plant CU:RO is a compact system with flow rates up to 2 m3/h. The plant is complete with pre-treatment including softener and pre-filter - ready for use!

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Reverse osmosis compact unit CU:RO

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Selection of unit depends on application, water quality, and water consumption. We are at your service to ensure the optimum solution based on our combined know-how.

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