SILEX return system

How to replace the cartridge

When the conductivity meter indicates that the quality of the SILEX produced water is too low, it is time to replace the cartridge.

If the inlet water is drinking water quality, you can use the return system to replace the cartridge. Ship the depleted cartridge to your EUROWATER office and we return a regenerated cartridge back to you.

Follow the instructions below for a smooth and quick replacement.

1. Close valves

Shut the valves on the inlet (a) and outlet (b). Slowly release the pressure with the air screw (c).

2. Open lid

Unscrew and open the lid.

3. Remove depleted cartridge

Remove the depleted cartridge from the unit and let it drip-dry for 15 minutes.

4. Load new cartridge

Open the plastic bag with the new cartridge. Face the opening downwards and let the cartridge slide into the unit. Keep the plastic bag for returning the depleted cartridge. Wrinkles on the cartridge should be straightened by carefully dragging the knot/clamp.

5. Close lid

Mount the lid, making sure the O-ring, gasket and surfaces are clean.

6. Open valves

Open the valve (a) on the inlet. Close the air screw (c) when water flows out of it. Open the outlet valve (b).

7. Return depleted cartridge

Place the depleted and drip-dry cartridge in the plastic bag. Carefully tie up the bag and place it in the original packing. Ship to your local EUROWATER department.

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