DI rinse water for production of high end audio products

The customer is developing and manufacturing high-end audio products. To support a growing demand of modern aluminum cabinets, the customer has implemented a new anodizing surface treatment line. For this purpose, demineralized rinse water of high purity is needed. The result is an exclusive surface look and top product quality.

SILHORKO-EUROWATER has supplied and installed a new water treatment solution for the production of demineralized water. Due to lack of space, a compact RO unit with a small footprint was selected. After the RO unit the water is further polished in a mixed-bed unit in order to reach the high water quality. The mixed-bed unit is for off-site regeneration, supporting the space issue as well as a concern for a complete chemical free solution.


Reference ID: 141088
Industry: Electronics industry | Surface treatment industry
Application: Rinse water


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Technical data

  • Flow 250 l/h
  • Conductivity < 2 µS/cm

Units in plant

  • Protective pre-filter
  • Compact RO-unit type CU:RO SM41 B1-1-A with SE30C control panel
  • Mixed-bed unit type SILEX 41
  • Accumulation tank in PP (polypropylene) for DI water
  • Automatic booster pump


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