Together with our customers we create the water treatment solutions of tomorrow. Explore the challenges, solutions and results from a selection of our customers. 

Modern water treatment for Ukrainian dairy

The Ukrainian dairy Loostdorf has reduced water and energy consumption without compromising operational reliability or high product quality.

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Demineralized water for ice cube production

Plusice produces ice cubes. On a busy day they produce more than 30 tons of ice cubes. The only ingredient is water, and it must be pure and safe.

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Turn-key water supply for dairy production

BIAGR, a Ukrainian dairy, has installed a complete turn-key water supply solution, supplied by Silhorko-Eurowater. The project included design, equipment supply, installation and commissioning.

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Replacement of water treatment plant at Maabjerg Energy Center

With an estimated payback period of just over two years and a 90 % reduction in operating costs, MEC did not hesitate long before pressing the button to order a new water treatment plant from Silhorko-Eurowater. 

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Drinking water purification at waterworks in Hungary

Historically, all drinking water in Hungary is produced using a treatment process of dosing oxidation chemicals followed by sand filtration. In the town of Tolna they produce drinking water the EUROWATER way using no chemicals only sand filtration and air.   

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75,000 m3 of treated water for solar heating system

SUNSTORE 4 is an extended solar district heating network placed at the town Marstal at the Danish island of Aeroe. The solar heating system uses a huge water reservoir of 75,000 m3 for storing thermal energy. Within a 70-day timeframe EUROWATER filled the heat storage pit with treated water from groundwater wells; a challenge in more than one sense!

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