Drinking water

EUROWATER has a strong position in purifying drinking water using only natural processes. In our customer cases, you can gain insight on how we design a modern drinking water solution that are safe, reliable and automatic. Explore our customer cases.  

Ion exchange technology ensures PFAS-free drinking water

EUROWATER has designed a purification method that can eliminate PFAS in drinking water. The Danish island of Fanoe is the first to put the method into operation and the results have been successful.  

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Largest UV installation at waterworks is in operation

22 million litres of drinking water! That's how much water this modern UV plant treats every hour. The system is installed at a water reservoir owned by Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR) and is the largest ever installed in Denmark.

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Purified rainwater for toilet flushing and laundering

The suburb Nye is the first in Denmark to reuse rainwater for flushing toilets and doing laundry. EUROWATER has designed and installed the water treatment solution.

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Drinking water purification at waterworks in Hungary

Historically, all drinking water in Hungary is produced using a treatment process of dosing oxidation chemicals followed by sand filtration. In the town of Tolna they produce drinking water the EUROWATER way using no chemicals only sand filtration and air.   

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