Quality beer - quality water

Water and malt are the primary ingredients of beer. The taste of beer is influenced by the bicarbonate content in the water (brewing water, brewing liquor as it is technically known). It is also necessary to regulate the water hardness to prevent corrosion. Finally, there is a demand for treatment of service water for cleaning and flushing (Cleaning In Place, CIP). 

Process water

Step by step, the water treatment may comprise sand filtration, dealkalization, pH-adjustment, and filtration through carbon filter. The plants meet the requirements of the CIP process. 

Security and taste

Correct water treatment ensures the taste of the beer. By choosing EUROWATER as consultant and supplier, you are sure of the quality in the water treatment part - supplied at competitive prices and in time.

You can read more about our expertise within water treatment in our references.

Complete water treatment plant consisting of degasser in stainless steel and pressure filter for production of 20 m³/h. The task in brief: Degassing of methane and hydrogen sulphide and reduction of iron, manganese, and ammonium.

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