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The importance of water quality in hydrogen production


The importance of water quality in hydrogen production

Production of green hydrogen requires not only renewable energy but also ultrapure water. The water quality has an impact on the performance of the electrolyzer, thus having the right water treatment solution is crucial. 

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Pure water for pure ice cube production


Pure water for pure ice cube production

Plusice produces ice cubes. They supply events, hotels, bars as well as major retail chains with high quality ice. The only ingredient is water, and it must be pure and safe.

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Smart control for reverse osmosis systems


Smart control for reverse osmosis systems

The new SE40 control from EUROWATER monitors and registers the performance of your reverse osmosis system with integrated data logging.

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From groundwater to ultrapure water

We offer you water treatment solutions that provide you with a safe and daily supply of desired water quality and quantity - drinking water, softened water, demineralized water, and ultrapure water.

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Oxidation and filtration Drinking water Softening by ion exchange Softened water Demineralisation by reverse osmosis Demineralised water Deaeration Deaerated water Polishing by EDI Ultrapure water

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Water treatment beyond borders

We are global, but also local. With local EUROWATER sales and service offices all over Europe, we are able to handle local customs, language, and legal issues. But our know-how within water treatment go beyond borders, making us one of the leading suppliers of water treatment equipment in Europe.

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