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We have designed water treatment solutions that require the least possible consumption of resources and with minimum environmental impact.

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Groundwater-based water supply


Groundwater-based water supply

New whitepaper from State of Green Denmark focus on the potential of groundwater-based water supply. EUROWATER shares our experience on the topic. 

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Continuous high flow rate with triplex softener


Continuous high flow rate with triplex softener

Water softener from EUROWATER is now available in a triplex version. Supplying flow rates up to 60 m3/h, the new SMP triplex water softener is ideal for critical applications.

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Thermal deaerator with dome


Thermal deaerator with dome

EUROWATER expands the product programme with the thermal deaerator with dome. Designed and manufactured in-house based on years of experience with feedwater treatment. 

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From groundwater to ultrapure water

We offer you water treatment solutions that provide you with a safe and daily supply of desired water quality and quantity - drinking water, softened water, demineralized water, and ultrapure water.

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Oxidation and filtration Drinking water Softening by ion exchange Softened water Demineralisation by reverse osmosis Demineralised water Deaeration Deaerated water Polishing by EDI Ultrapure water

90 % water recovery with RO-PLUS

It takes water to make water!

This new and efficient technology can reduce the water and energy consumption of your water treatment plant and provide up to 90 % water recovery. RO-PLUS is available as a standard RO-PLUS unit but also as an upgrade kit for existing EUROWATER plants.   

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Water treatment beyond borders

We are global, but also local. With local EUROWATER sales and service offices all over Europe, we are able to handle local customs, language, and legal issues. But our know-how within water treatment go beyond borders, making us one of the leading suppliers of water treatment equipment in Europe.

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