SILEX water is often used instead of distilled water. A regeneration on site would mean a disproportionate large investment, a time-consuming effort, problems with the corroding regeneration fluids, and neutralization of waste water.

The system has been specially developed for users with the need of demineralized water of the highest quality and who do not want to store and handle regeneration chemicals (acid and lye) on site, e.g. schools, dentists, printing houses, laboratories, and photo laboratories.

Plant description
The plant consists of filter house, pipe system, cartridge, and conductivity meter. The filter house and the pipe system are made in PVC. The ion exchangers are stored in a sock-looking cartridge which is sent to regeneration ("recharge") when the capacity is exhausted.

The plant is equipped with a conductivity meter which continuously shows the actual conductivity.

The plant is used in a fixed installation with full waterworks pressure of max. 6 bar. Type I B can also be used in an installation without pressure, for instance after a tap.

External regeneration
The regeneration itself takes place at our regeneration central at our factory in Denmark. The regenerated ion exchangers are sent in the shape of cartridges. The cartridge with exhausted capacity is sent for regeneration. After that, a new cartridge with newly regenerated ion exchangers is returned. The changing of the cartridges only takes a few minutes and the system ensures a simple operation. Under Read more, you can see how to change the cartridge in the SILEX II B plant.



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