Heat and power plants

Boiler make-up water for high-pressure steam turbine. The water quality keeps the VGB guidelines for water for steam boilers with permissible operating pressure of more than 68 bar.

Water treatment for the public heat supply is one of EUROWATER's key business areas. Correct water treatment ensures an unproblematic operation and optimum economy. The demand comprises make-up water for boiler plants in combined heat and power plants as well as make-up water and circulation water for district heating.

The optimum water treatment solution
A reasonable choice of a water treatment plant requires knowledge of a long line of parameters which vary from project to project. Knowing these parameters, the experienced EUROWATER technicians can assist you in selecting the right plant and in calculating the operating costs.

International experience
EUROWATER supplies water treatment for heat and power plants all over the world. We offer you consultancy and installations on a high technological level including PLC control. 

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