Water treatment for heat & power plants


Boilers and turbines for heat and electricity production are highly sensitive to corrosion, deposit and scale caused by dissolved salts and particles in the water. Removal of these elements is essential for operation, service life, and security of supply. Correct water treatment ensures an unproblematic operation and optimum economy.



Ultrapure water by ion exchange

 Low chemical consumption

 High water utilization

The boiler feed water can be demineralized by using the UPCORE technology. The UPCORE principle ensures an efficient use of the regeneration chemicals and combining all the known advantages of demineralization through ion exchange with the counter-flow principle. 

The Danish energy company Verdo provides electricity to 32.000 recipients and district heating to 10.500 customers. Their makeup water treatment is based on the UPCORE technology and used for a high-pressure steam boiler. Read more about the use of ultrapure water at Verdo 




Ultrapure water without chemical use

 No chemicals

 Minimum environmental impact

At Energie Steiermark Power Plant in Graz, Austria, the water treatment plant consists of two independent lines with double-pass reverse osmosis, membrane degasser, and EDI producing ultrapure water. This solution provides demineralised water without using any chemicals.

Read more about ultrapure water used at Energie Steiermark Power Plant.


Plug-and-play plant with softening, reverse osmosis, demineralization by EDI, and control panel. This plant provides ultrapure make-up water for a high-pressure steam boiler.


Individual units can be frame mounted for a complete and compact solution, ready for use. It also allows for pressure testing, function testing and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before delivery.

The solution is complete with all internal piping and wiring factory-built. The whole plant has been performance and pressure tested in our factory. This safety can be achieved with a EUROWATER frame-mounted plant or a container-installed plant. 

Read more about our plug-and-play solutions



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Water on the agenda

Security of supply, green conversation, sustainability, and major investments are headlining the energy sector's agenda of hot topics. Asset management is a key parameter to ensure good bottom line economy. Correct water treatment is a precondition to ensure asset management.  

In this leaflet we put water on the agenda! Read about how to reduce corrosion and wear of boiler by providing optimum make-up water for high-pressure boilers. Water treatment for District Heating is also covered in this leaflet. Click here to download the leaflet (PDF 5,17 MB). 

Download leaflet about water treatment for district heating and heat & power plants


Rent a mobile water treatment plant tailored according to your need 

If a temporarily water treatment problem arise, you can easily take care of it by renting a EUROWATER mobile water treatment plant. The video (2 min.) gives an example of, how the mobile water treatment plant handles a filling of thermal energy storage. 

Whether you need drinking, disinfected, softened or demineralized water, we have a mobile solution. Read more about our mobile water treatment plants or contact us for further information and reservation.   

Rental of mobile water treatment plant