Make-up water for heat and power plant

The company Verdo (former Energi Randers Produktion A/S) is situated at the harbour of Randers at the foot of its 127 m chimney. The station produces 223.000 MWh a year. It supplies electricity to 32.000 recipients and district heating to 10.500 customers.
The combined heat and power plant produces electricity and heat energy in joint production. Make-up water for both a high-pressure steam boiler and for distribution of the district heating are needed.

The make-up water for the high-pressure steam boiler is demineralised according to the patented water treatment principle of UPCORE, combining all the known advantages of water demineralisation through ion exchange with the counter-flow principle. After the UPCORE unit, the water is polished in a mixed bed unit, leaving the demineralised water with a final conductivity of under 0.07 μS/cm and a silica content of less that 0.01 mg/litre. The water treatment plant comprising two lines connected in parallel. Each line is dimensioned for a flow rate of 5 m3/h.

The make-up water for the distribution network of the district heating is produced in a RO-PLUS unit. RO-PLUS units are designed for a recovery rate up to 90%, compromising neither the reliability nor the water quality. As pre-treatment of the feed-water to the reverse osmosis unit a softening unit is used. This water treatment plant has a flow rate of 15 m3/h and the conductivity of the demineralized water will be under 10 μS/cm.

Furthermore, the PLC control are integrated into the existing SCADA system of the heat and power plant.

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Industry: District heating | Heat and power plants
Application: Boiler water | District heating water


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Technical data

  • Conductivity: < 0.07 μS/cm
  • Silica content (SiO2): < 0.01 mg/l
  • Conductivity: < 10 μS/cm
  • Flow: 5-15 m³/h

Units in plant

  • Demineralization unit UPCORE duplex
  • CO2 degasser
  • Mixed bed unit MBA 600
  • Softening unit STFA 1802
  • Testomat ECO
  • Reverse osmosis unit RO-PLUS 03-12+3


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