Surface treatment industry

Normally, surface treatment is carried out both for cosmetic and technical reasons. Previously, the electroplating technique (metal coating) was very widely used, however, recent years have seen an increase in the number of painted works. This has happened concurrently with a better pretreatment such as phosphating and chromating giving optimum corrosion protection. Both galvanizing and painting make heavy demands on the pretreatment of process water.

Strong programme
EUROWATER has a strong programme of ion exchange and membrane plants for the solution of projects within surface treatment. Furthermore, we offer filters and selective ion exchange plants for removal of metals in wastewater. Thus, the metal content can be reduced to less than 0.1 mg/l per metal.

Removal of heavy metals by means of filtration through multimedia filter and selective ion exchange at a manufacturing company within the field of micro electronics.

Quality products and lower costs
Treatment of water gives an unproblematic development of the process, perfect surfaces, and a long life of works. Metals and chemicals are undesirable in wastewater. With EUROWATER plants, you can save costs for both water, chemicals, and wastewater treatment.

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