Hospitals and laboratories

Double-pass reverse osmosis plant with a flow rate of 0.5 m³/h.

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies are large consumers of water treatment plants. These lines of business require water of great purity for the work with autoclaves, distilling apparatus, scanners, ultrasonic apparatus, titration, laboratory washing-up, bedpan washers, pharmaceutical production, dental units, dialysis, and many primary tasks.

But also for secondary tasks such as boiler water and catering operation, there is a great demand for dependable water treatment plants.

Many demands - several solutions
EUROWATER has supplied water treatment equipment for a number of projects within the health sector and most Danish hospitals benefit from our reliable plants.
Double-pass RO plants are a new product which is
popular because the quality of the water is double-protected.

In addition to hospitals and laboratories, references from the Danish market also include a number of the most well-known manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. The double-pass RO plant meets the requirements of both European and American standards for purified water.

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