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Published: 6 June 2022 | Contact

Hydrogen production has shown its potential for being a key contributor to a renewables-powered future. While the focus is mainly on the energy source in hydrogen production, it is time to highlight the importance of water quality and choice of water treatment solution. 

Water is the feedstock in production of green hydrogen, and it must be treated to ultrapure quality. The water treatment solution required depends on the choice of electrolyzer technology and water source. Inadequate water treatment can jeopardise the operation and damage the electrolyzer. 

Choosing the right water treatment solution is an asset management strategy prolonging the lifespan of the electrolyzer as well as optimizing the production of hydrogen.

A standard solution regardless of electrolyzer technology

At EUROWATER, we have worked with water treatment solutions for hydrogen production since 2016 with extensive knowledge in both AWE (alkaline) and PEM electrolyzer technologies and use of different water sources. 

Currently, we are commissioning a water treatment system for the HySynergy project lead by Everfuel. HySynergy is a 20 MW Power-to-X (PtX) facility in the city Fredericia, Denmark. They use alkaline water electrolysis and the water source is city water without chlorine. 

Due to our many years of experience with water treatment in general, we have in-house process knowledge and a great product programme to provide standard solutions regardless of electrolyzer technology. 

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Water treatment solution for the HySynergy project lead by Everfuel © Silhorko-Eurowater A/S