Pure water for pure ice cube production 

Published: February 21, 2022 | Contact

Plusice produces ice cubes. They supply events, hotels, bars as well as major retail chains with high quality ice. The only ingredient is water, and it must be pure and safe.

Plusice is one of the leading manufacture of ice in Denmark. On a busy day they produce more than 30 tons of ice cubes. It calls for a safe supply of the required water quality. 

The local waterworks supply water of drinking water quality. But even a good drinking water quality is insufficient for industrial production. The water must be completely free of salts, particles, and bubbles. It is vital that the ice cubes are high quality, clear as glass, clean to look at and easy to separate from each other.

EUROWATER has delivered and installed the water treatment solution consisting of softening and demineralization by reverse osmosis. 

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