It all starts with water

Clean water is a condition of life. More than 98% of all fresh water is found either as groundwater or as ice. The image of the iceberg has been a part of our visual expression for many years. It captures one of the subtle properties of water, namely the fact that water occurs naturally in three states: solid (ice), gas (steam) and liquid (water).

Pure water treatment

At EUROWATER, water is on the agenda every day 24/7/365. We constantly seek to make pure water treatment solutions that require least possible consumption of resources with minimum environmental impact. This mission supports the Sustainable Development Goals #6 Clean water & sanitation and #12 Responsible consumption and production.

Less than one percent of the water supply on earth can be used as drinking water, which affects communities, businesses, and industries. This fact makes it crucial that we develop technologies to reduce water consumption and re-use water.  


NYE - a smart livable city

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, has a new suburb called NYE (‘new’). 

In NYE, 40 % of the water consumption is covered by rainwater harvesting. EUROWATER has developed and established a water treatment plant to treat the rainwater and reuse it for toilet flushing and washing machines. 

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Water saving at brewery

Water is one of the primary ingredients in beer and soft drinks. Therefore, a brewery has a large consumption of high-quality water. This is also the case for the Danish brewery in Skælskør owned and run by Harboes Bryggeri A/S since 1883.

The brewery has upgraded their water treatment to the reverse osmosis units RO-PLUS. The series is designed for low water and energy consumption. Harboes Bryggeri now obtains 88 % water recovery - and the beer still tastes great!  

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Enable the green transition

Shared knowledge can be a roadmap to a greener future. State of Green is a Danish not-for-profit, public-private partnership focusing on enabling green transition of companies and organizations. EUROWATER is one of the 600 partners who put our knowledge at your disposal.   

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Save water with RO-PLUS

RO-PLUS is a special type of reverse osmosis units, optimized for high water recovery and low energy consumption. RO-PLUS units are designed for recovery rates up to 90% compromising neither the reliability, nor the water quality.

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Recirculation reduces water usage

The surface treatment industry relies on a large amount of rinse water to ensure high-quality products. Recirculation of the rinse water makes is possible to become environmentally sustainable and reduce costs at the same time.   

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