SILEX 11-21

SILEX water is often used instead of distilled water. A regeneration on site would mean a disproportionate large investment, a time-consuming effort, problems with the corroding regeneration fluids, and neutralization of waste water.

The system has been specially developed for users with the need of demineralized water of the highest quality and who do not want to store and handle regeneration chemicals (acid and lye) on site, e.g. schools, dentists, printing houses, laboratories, and photo laboratories.

Plant description

A complete plant consists of a tank, an operational unit, and a conductivity meter. The tank is made in stainless steel with adaptor connections. The operational unit consists of a PVC valve system which is screened by a cabinet made in easy-to-clean stainless steel. The valve system means an easy replacement of the tank. The operational unit is simpel to mount. The plant needs an outlet because the tank must be emptied for water before transport.

Healthy working environment

The plant design and the external regeneration together provide an optimum working environment. The operating crew will not have any contact with the ion exchangers and the handles on the tank and small weight ensure easy handling.   

External regeneration

The regeneration itself takes place at our regeneration central at our factory in Denmark. The regenerated ion exchangers are sent in the shape of cartridges. The cartridge with exhausted capacity is sent for regeneration. After that, a new cartridge with newly regenerated ion exchangers is returned. The plant design makes it easy for you to send the tank for regeneration. All you have to do is to disconnect the tank from the operating panel. On the operating panel is a clear instruction as how to change the tank.

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