A EUREX plant is used for production of demineralized water of highest quality. The mixed bed series is developed with focus on easy operation and off site regeneration.

The series comprises seven plant sizes in order to meet individual water requirements.

The system is used for the following main applications:

  • Demineralization of waterworks water
  • Polishing (complete softening) of demineralized water

Product advantages 

  • No use of chemicals
  • Easy to operate
  • Quality surveillance
  • Minimum plant investment
  • Space saving


A complete plant comprises a tank and an operating unit. The strong transport frame of the tank ensures optimum handling. The operating unit is equipped with a conductivity meter which continuously displays the actual conductivity. The valve system of the operating unit facilitates the exchange of a tank.

Off site regeneration

The system is based on regeneration at our local regeneration centre in our factory. A plant with exhausted capacity is sent for regeneration. After that, the same plant with newly regenerated ion exchangers is returned.

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