Ultrapure water without the use of chemicals
- easy and convenient

SILEX and EUREX plants are used for production of demineralized water of highest quality. The concept is developed with focus on easy operation and off site regeneration.  

Ultra pure water in top quality

The plants are mixed-bed plants due to the fact that they consist of a mix of charged cation and anion exchangers. When passing through the ion exchange material, the dissolved salts of the water are exchanged with hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions. The result is salt-free water of a high quality with a conductivity of less than 0.1 µS/cm.

Ultra pure water treatment

External regeneration

The regeneration itself takes place at our regeneration central at our factory in Denmark. A tank with exhausted capacity is sent for regeneration. After that, the same tank with newly regenerated ion exchangers is returned. In this way, you avoid the contact with chemicals on site. At the same time, the plants are easy to operate and handle.

Quality surveillance and quality control

The conductivity of the water and thus its quality is continously shown on an electrical conductivity meter. When the desired limit of quality is exceeded, the ion exchange material needs regeneration after which the plant is in working order again. EUROWATER can deliver conductivity meters with or without alarm. As a guarantee that the regeneration was successful, we carry out a thorough quality control before shipment. This quality control ensures that your water is of the highest quality. EUROWATER is synonomous with safety.


The principal of external regeneration is space-saving because you do not need to store chemicals and regeneration tanks on site. At the same time, it is a good economic solution because you avoid having to invest in the relatively expensive equipment which is used at the regeneration. 

Ultra pure water with Silex and Eurex

Flow up to 2 l/min
Cartridge system
PE filter housing
Integrated conductivity meter

Ultra pure water with SILEX


Flow rate: Up to 5 l/min.

Cartridge system.



Ultra pure water with SILEX

SILEX 11 and 21

Flow rate: Up to 7 l/min.

The tank is stainless steel with handles. Inclusive of operating panel.

Ultra pure water with EUREX


Flow rate: Up to 14 m³/h.

Tank on transport skid. Inclusive of operating panel.

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