SE styringspaneler

Automation of process equipment is evolving rapidly, and EUROWATER can deliver solutions that meet most customers needs. It can be control boards which connect one or more SE controllers with external signals and convert them to the operation of pumps and valves.

Control panels

The control panels offer a user-friendly HMI environment. All panels have large, illuminated displays for optimal operator control and monitoring. The menu structures are standardised and available in several languages for easy and quick access to operating data and parameter settings. User-friendly keys on the panel front make interface possible without violating the IP54 protection class.

A control panel can be supplied either as a separate part or as a 100% integrated part of a complete solution

Comprehensive system

We offer a comprehensive range of HMI/PLC control panels for our broad range of equipment within filtration, ion exchange, membrane filtration, and EDI. There is a one-to-one match between water treatment unit and panel. 

Central PLC Control Cabinet

EUROWATER offers central PLC control cabinets to monitor and control a complete water treatment plant. A central PLC control cabinet serves as the motor control center and can include programmable control­lers, a touch screen operator interface, variable frequency drives and metering and may also be the electrical service entrance for the building. The last-mentioned is typical the case in our waterworks installations. Central PLC control cabinets supplied to industrial companies and power plants often include communication through Ethernet, Profibus or Profinet. Also GSM communication is available. The systems offer larger application flexibility and meet the most stringent industry standards.




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