Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, water plays a part in the product itself, in the production process, and for cleaning purposes. Thus, the demands on the water quality are high.

In the pharmaceutical industry, water forms part of the product itself, production processes as well as cleaning. Altogether, this makes heavy demands on water quality. Utility water is insufficient because the water contains salts, organic matter, particles, and microorganisms that pollute or even destroy products and processes. Process water for the pharmaceutical industry must be of high quality and at the same time meet the regulatory requirements of the pharmacopoeia governing the water treatment equipment in question.

EUROWATER keeps abreast of developments in requirement specifications for the pharmaceutical industry. We focus on giving our customers professional advice and verbal sparring to ensure the right choice of water treatment equipment.

Softened and demineralized water is used in many processes to ensure uniform water quality of the end product and to facilitate the final validation.

Purposive treatment

Salts, particles, organic matter, humus, and microorganisms are removed through membrane filtration. As an extra precaution against microorganisms, UV disinfection units and sterile filters can be installed.

Pipe systems

The pharmaceutical industry makes heavy demands on both equipment and accessory pipe systems for the industry's process water. The right construction is crucial to the quality of the end product. Design engineering centres on finding the best possible structural components. The choice of materials reflects the purpose of the application and the customer's requirement specifications of the product. EUROWATER offers a range of pipe systems in standard materials (PP, PP-N, PVDF, AISI 316 stainless steel). Wherever possible, we adapt the materials to the requirements of the customer.


All EUROWATER water treatment plants come with standard validation program and documentation. The documentation will be individually customized.

Customized solutions and optimum economy

EUROWATER is supplier of complete water treatment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our experienced engineers help you build the optimum water treatment plant based on such data as product application, useful life, economy, and environmental profile. Correct water treatment contributes towards keeping optimum qualities and appearance of your products.

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